LOGO 101!


Okay so you started your new business/brand or are in the middle of a rebrand and you know you need a new logo design. The problem is that you don't have the first idea on where to start. That's okay! The WebJackerzz Team is going to give you a few tips to help steer you in the right direction!

What Kind of Logo Are You Looking For?

Believe it or not, there are different types of logo designs. Here's *7 of them!

7 Different Brands

7 Different Logo Types

Letter Mark Logo- Text only based logos that usually contain company initials. For example, CNN or NASA.

Emblem Logo- The font is usually within a symbol or icon (badge, seal, or crest). For example, Harvard, Starbucks, or Harley-Davidson.

Abstract Logo- Usually a icon based logo that contained unrecognizable images. For example, Adidas and Pepsi.

Word Mark Logo- Font based and focus on the name of the company alone. Perfect for companies that wants to promote the companies full name. For example, Google and Coca-Cola.

Pictorial Mark Logo- A icon based symbol which people usually associate or think of when they think of your company. For example,  Twitter, Target, and Apple.

Combination Mark Logo- Includes both an image and text that can be used combined or separately. This gives the brand the ability to use either logo which gives them versatility with their branding.

Mascot Logo- A mascot logo is a character (animal, object or person) designed to represent a collective, incorporated or not, with common identity and values.

MVSTER Logo- A logo designed by our Design Team, meant to portray your brand in the best light. Created to depict your brand’s core values and speak for you

What Feeling Are You Trying To Provide?

Believe it or not, logo designs are designed with our feelings in mind!

How Do You Want To Be Received?

Okay, Now you have a better idea of what type of logo you are looking for! - But maybe you don’t know what color or why a specific color is chosen. - Think about how you want people to feel when they look at your  brand or what you want it to represent. - Take a look at this chart of some of your favorite brands and what the colors they choose say about them..

So What Does Our Logo Represent?

Believe it or not, our logo design isn't just some guy in a mask and hoodie!

Meet Jack The WebJacker

Our logo is a Combination Mark Logo Design, which allows for us to use the whole image or just the text. - It really depends on how spicy we are feeling at the moment. - The Image is a character (JACK) in a black hoodie and a red mask, on his laptop that is covered in his favorite stickers - The reason for the red mask is to represent prosperity, loyalty, courage,  heroism, and intelligence: - Yes- all of that - It takes a very special type of character to help brands/businesses each and everyday, take their brand to the next level - It’s almost like our superpower - The black hoodie represents a sense of mystery because you don’t know who’s behind the mask - You just know it’s one BAD MUDAA... Shut Cho mouth - Aka your creative counterpart behind the scenes making your audience fall victim to the lures or your amazingly positioned brand ( maybe your new website design ) - Now the laptop is just a laptop - Okay.... It's not just any laptop - But THEE laptop used to change the face of the universe- one design at a time - And we can do this for you and your brand/business

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