The Holiday Season is upon us and your customers are ready to buy!!

Are you stopping the flow of commerce or are you making it easy for them to navigate through your site? - Is your website strategically positioned to psychologically increase their intent to buy? - If the answer is no ( you probably haven’t been WebJack’d) - It’s okay, here’s a few tips to ensure that you can help your customers stay on your website long enough to actually buy this Black Friday/Cyber Monday!

Tip #1: You want to look them in the eye!!!

- Yes, that’s right- whenever you are holding a conversation and you'd like people to agree with you and pay attention- you want to look them in the eye when you speak! - It’s the same thing with your website. Displaying high quality visuals of an attractive human face is psychologically said to create a connection between you and your visitors. - It also helps to have a button with a call to action that will attract your visitor’s gaze toward wherever your visual’s eyes are looking!

Tip #2: Recognize their pain points!

- Why should someone buy your product or service? What value do you bring? How does it make their life easier? - Point out their problems and use your offering to solve it! Making you and your offering irresistible

Tip #3: Showcase your product in action!

- Yes! Show people actually utilizing what you are offering. - Showcase why your product is the best and how it can be used. - How it can make their life easier and how valuable it is!

Tip #4: Use a value based lead magnet to generate leads!

- So you want to build a customer/client sales funnel but you don’t know how to ask for their information? - Well let’s try by asking nicely - Remember the phrase “give to receive?” - Well that works in this case as well! Give some value to receive that email or phone number - Try lead magnets that your visitors may actually be interested in like- a discount, free gift, free e-book.... Something good enough to entice them to give you their personal information. - I mean you don’t just give out your phone number to any guy or gal you see ( Do you? )

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Tip #5: Answer Their Questions!

- Think about it... How many times have you walked into a store and wanted to spend your money but you had so many questions? - Sometimes questions that went unanswered and that caused you to get frustrated and change your mind in the process. - Utilizing a Frequently asked questions page on your website is crucial to helping your customer get all of those new shopper goose bumps out of the way and pulling out their debit card instead. - But they have to be comfortable, which is human nature, to know what they are spending their money on and if it is as valuable as it claims. - Also... Think about how much less of the annoying emails or calls you will receive from customers asking you the same question over and over! - Hence the term “frequently asked

Here’s a beautiful example of how to effectively make your customer’s online experience a GREAT one! - From our client, one of the premier Beauty Industry brands, check out their online store!

Tip #6: Make it easy to click!

- Having buttons with call to actions and special features in plain eye view makes it easier for your customers to get the point! - For example, the customer rewards button is easily accessible and may be the icing on the cake to turn that visitor into a loyal customer!

Tip #7: Keep it organized!!

- Organizing your offerings into specific categories makes it easier for your visitors to navigate throughout your website. - Maybe they are looking for something specific and need to be pointed in the right direction! - Picture grocery store aisles and the different departments in your favorite store! - It helps for the customer who knows what they want or the customer who wants to look at what you have to offer easily.

Tip #8: Stay connected!

- Now you didn’t just want people to go on your website and stop there did you? - We all know people can organically find us on google through SEO or even by accident (not a bad thing in this case, eh?) - But you want them to become a loyal subscriber and connect with you on various platforms to see you in different elements! - Install a social media feed such as Instagram, Twitter, or Facebook to allow them to do some research and fall in love with your brand!

Tip #9: Add a filter!

- Sometimes in life, you have to filter things out and get to what you really want! - It’s the same with your customers and your website! - Sometimes they are looking for a gift or item that is within their budgeted price point or your newest styles. - Who are we to deny them of such a right? - Add that filter and make it easier for them to find what they are looking for. - And of course easier for them to spend their money with you! - Because that’s the point right?

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