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Frequently asked questions


What is Hosting?

Hosting is the process of making your website live and able to be viewed by others worldwide on the internet. You want to be viewed worldwide right?

Is Hosting included in my package?

Hosting is not included in your custom package. Wix, Shopify and squarespave include hosting in their packages.

Do I need to pay for it?

Yes, you need to pay for your own hosting when selecting a custom package (E.G. WebJack’d Lite or WebJack’d Pro. We direct you to the most cost effective options.

How much is Hosting?

Hosting varies from $5.99-$10.99 depending on if you pay monthly or annually. We also assist you on obtaining $12 hosting for your first year for extra value. Our goal is to save you money, especially when first starting out.


How long does the design process take?

Our design process takes about 7 business days to construct your preliminary design.

How does the project process work?

Your project is broken down into phases. Intake-Processing-layout-design-revision-hosting (if necessary)-close out. To see a visual of this process, please view the above image.

What if I don't like my design?

That's definitely okay- the design process is a mutual creative process! you are entitled revision rounds, the specific amount depends on your project package. During your creative intake we ask you to include a reference website, so that we can get as close to your vision as possible.

Do I get revisions?

Absolutely! Each project includes a specific amount of revision rounds. please view your package to see how many revision rounds your project includes.

What are your terms and conditions/policies

Please feel free to view our complete policy list and project terms and conditions on our "Policies" page.


Do I have to pay the full amount upfront?

Yes, just like when you do your online shopping for your groceries.

Why do I have to pay the full amount upfront?

In order to keep our price-point affordable for the masses and equate for our design time and effort poured into making your project incredible! Studies show that when you pay, you pay attention. You take the collaboration process and your investment more serious.

Do you have payment plans?

This holiday season we have teamed up with Quadpay to offer our qualified clients a flexible payment option to split their project investment into 4 interest free payments over a 6 week period, without the use of your credit. This option is applicable to all website design packages. Feel free to learn more about this option here: Our WebJack’d Pro package is available for a 2 installment payment plan option, upon request. This plan requires 50% upfront and the remaining 50% once the preliminary design has been signed off by the client.

Do you offer refunds?

You have 12 hours after you purchase your package to request a refund. After 12 hours you forfeit this right. Please feel free to view the entire policy on our "Policies Page."

What are your terms and conditions/policies

Please feel free to view our complete policy list and project terms and conditions on our "Policies" page.


Can I make changes to my website?

You have full ability to make changes to any of our platform based services (Shopify, Squarespace, Wix, Wordpress). Our custom websites are built with our software and code, which allows for limited ability for changes. However, we do offer monthly maintenance.

Do you pay my Shopify, Wix , Squarespace or Wordpress fees?

No, unless you want to trade our business upkeep fees for them.

What are your business hours?

Mon-Fri: 9AM - 6PM EST Saturday: 11 AM- 3PM EST Sunday: CLOSED

Do you have a phone number?

In the love of seamless communication and for the benefit of yourself and our team we currently work exclusively through email correspondence. This improves our design time, workflow and creates a pleasant and convenient experience for our clients. *This excludes client 15 minute consultations*

Can you help me write content and source pictures for my site?

Absolutely! Our copywriting creatives on our team would love the opportunity to curate on-brand, informative and persuasive copy (written content) for your brand! Our team finds happiness in sourcing high resolution stock images to implement throughout the design of your site to create a uniform brand identity, that not only tells a story- but tells your story. ** Please note that the extent/level of copywriting and image sourcing is contingent on the project package that you have selected. Please review your package to acquaint yourself with the copywriting and image source elements included in your project. if you have further questions, please feel free to contact your project manager, or use the chat box to the right to ask one of our team members!

What kind of businesses do you work with?

We work with businesses both nationally and internationally of all forms and sizes. Whether you are a Start Up, Budding or Thriving business our team is dedicated to helping you recognize your needs, fulfill them and continue to experience exponential growth and success in your business.

What are your terms and conditions/policies

Please feel free to view our complete policy list and project terms and conditions on our "Policies" Page.


Our team is ready to answer any questions you may have!

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